Alaska, Analyzed.

I’m Cordelia Qiġñaaq Kellie.

In 2015, I began publishing Nalliq, a repository of stories, prose and poetry about Indigenous issues. I’ve called it a “repository” because the content is intended to be a little more timeless; the issues that affect Alaska Natives today are going to affect us 3 years from now, (although our communities are working very hard to change that).

However, every so often, I’ve wanted to write and share sentiments that are not squarely Indigenous issues, but are perhaps, women’s issues, or statewide issues, or stories that reach us all, across cultures, heritages, and histories. And I’ve wanted to share stories that are a little more responsive to events of the moment, not just themes of the year.

Governor Walker’s October 19th announcement at the Alaska Federation of Natives that he is ending his race drove the creation of this platform. Quyanaqpauraq, Governor.


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